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“Excellent crepes. I was surprised – the crepes are delicate, excellently made and absolutely delicious even on their own. They hold up to making any type of savory or dessert crepe. I will be filling my pantry with this once they return in stock!”


“Your Waffles are great. We love them. My son came for a visit and we tried different things. Great with frozen yogurt, ice cream. Delicious”


“Your waffles are awesome. I enjoy them all day (not just for breakfast!) my girlfriend gives me a hard time for eating them right out of the package while watching tv in bed. But who cares, they rock”


“Two years ago I traveled to Belgium, fell in love with their waffles. When I arrived home I searched everywhere for real Belgium Waffles, I am so happy that I found yours. They are so delicious and what I Iike most is they are just the right size.”


“I discovered your French filled crepes on your website. They are so delicious. Every morning before school, my son ask them for his lunch box!”


“Love your plain crepes ! Warmed, with mixed berries and whipped cream : they are fabulous!”